Pendulum Moves: Hilal Dance encompasses all the dance activities of Pauline Blackwood in London and the UK. It provides a great space to explore the contemporary art of dance focusing on the Arab/Egyptian/North African connection. Pauline has been dancing for many years and has taught Hilal dance since 2009. She is a Hilal dance professional with full insurance and DBS and is a qualified teacher organising workshops and classes.

Each dance session aims to centre the dancers, building a strong foundation of movement for them to explore the music and their response to it.

Hilal dance is the art dance based on the works of Suraya Hilal conceived in 2000 and drawing upon her Arab Egyption cultural roots.

Each lesson begins with body work that integrates, strengthens, stretches, refreshes and energises. Movement is centred on three concepts: pendulum, scissor and spiral. The choreographic language is rooted in an Arab Egyptian culture in a contemporary idiom with an expressive style.

In Hilal dance, the dancer always follows the lead of the music.